A letter from my wiser, more younger self

So I’ve been feeling very productive lately! I’ve been in a really good routine, getting up early and going to the gym each morning, doing a combination of weights and HIIT training and eating really nourishing foods (that includes both green juices and the occasional delicious gooey brownie!) I’ve been at my new job for a week now and I’m loving it! I’m managing my stress, doing the odd yoga class, sleeping well, drinking lots of herbal teas to keep hydrated and then researching and blogging in the evenings while hanging out with my housemates.

I was recently feeling SUPER productive and decided to do some house keeping on my laptop and found something that actually left me speechless. I found an old letter that I had wrote to myself when I was 22 years old, when I was figuring out how I wanted to live my life. The saddest part is that six years later I became everything I never wanted to be.

Sometimes we fall off the path we wanted to be on, but the key to success and being happy is knowing when to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and try again. I thought I might share this with all of you, in that maybe it might be time for you to dig out some old letters, or even write one now for yourself to push promise yourself that you will one day end up where you want to be. I’ve edited it a little because it goes on for AGES, but I’ve kept the key things in there to remind myself of where I want to be and what my values are…

You are at a stage in life at the moment when you have nothing holding you down. Not only are you in a good situation on the outside, but you are in a good frame of mind on the inside as well. I have tried full-time ‘corporate’ professional work which could lead me to a career – I tried it for 3 months to be exact – to know that I NEVER EVER want to be chained to a desk 5 days a week, working over-time without pay, in a dingy little office with fluorescent lights and stale air-conditioning, staring at a computer screen with minimal social interaction and stuffing my face with chocolate and left over morning tea cupcakes, slowly seeing the weight creep on. I never want to be a commuter, those sad, tired people dressed in black and grey with their heads up against the train window trying to catch a few more minutes of extra sleep, getting up at 6am and getting home at 8pm, coming home to an apartment with beautiful furniture, a plasma TV and stainless steel designer kitchen which never gets used because you can afford to order take-in every night. What for?

Life is about experiences. Life is about learning how to surf in Byron Bay while on a road trip with 3 friends. It’s about watching the sun set in Santorini, while sipping cocktails with a group of new friends while you dance the night away to the latest Ministry of Sound. Life is about doing the tango in doorways with a sexy, passionate and hopelessly romantic Latino. It’s reading the Sunday papers curled up on a beanbag outside with a coffee and your favourite breakfast. Its watching the Aurora Borealis and walking the Inca trail. It’s visiting your family and eating dad’s roast and mum’s pumpkin mash. It’s dancing in the car singing at the top of your lungs to your favourite song with your girlfriends on a hot summers day, fist pumping and dancing so hard that the car bounces at the traffic lights. 

My most pet hate of all pet hates? Materialistic, judgemental, chauvinistic, status-obsessed Sydneysiders. Please NEVER revert to that ‘ideal.’ The mentality that the more money, social status and connections you have, the better you are as a person is bullshit. These people have it back to front and inside out in every way possible, and it bewilders me how they believe this, and then later in life they cannot figure out why the hell they are so unhappy? They have everything: the house, the car, the furniture, the career, the wife, the kids, the private school fees… and they hate their life and can’t understand why. If people lived the way they were suppose to, the midlife crisis wouldn’t even exist.

 You are at a stage in your life where you finally know who you are and are beginning to understand what you stand for. You have established your hierarchy of values which are as follows:

#1: You. You are numero uno in your life. Everything else comes second. Without you, the person you are and everything that you stand for, you wouldn’t exist. If you don’t exist you cannot contribute to life and the people around you. Once you have satisfied your owns needs, then you can make a quality contribution to the lives of others. (i.e? I will NEVER be one of those burnt out mothers who just gives and gives and never has time for herself).

 #2: Your health: without your health you don’t exist, or do so very poorly. The better you look after yourself, the quality of your life will be better and the longer you have with the people you love. Never get obsessed with it, because obsession is unhealthy. Everything in moderation.

 #3 & 4: Family and friends: What people don’t seem to understand is that it is the people in your life that makes you rich, not the things you acquire or the money you accumulate on paper. Relationships are what enrich your life. Materialistic objects don’t talk back.

 #5: Life experiences: Travel is a good one. Travel lots. It helps you grow, you meet more people and build more relationships, and will make you a really cool grandma, when you’re sitting on your porch with your cuppa and rocking chair, reminiscing on all those amazing stories from your life.

 #6: Money: Money is important. It helps feed you, puts a roof over your head and gives you a level of freedom. However a fool and his money are quickly parted. Never aim to be rich, just make enough so you are comfortable and secure.  

Please never loose sight of yourself. Never let anyone tell you how you should live your life and what’s right and wrong. Never release your identity because a boyfriend doesn’t like the person you are and wants you to do or be something that you’re not. You are number one in your life. Everything else comes second.