Reflection Sundays – finding happiness in small moments

Well it’s been a week since I vowed to take on reflection Sundays and I tell you what, it was much harder than what I thought!! It made me so aware of how much my mood changes and how easy it is to be negative. You have to work so hard to be positive everyday, and to make a conceited effort to look for the good and the beauty around you. I learnt a small handful of lessons this week, including being kind and reaching out to strangers as well as your friends, finding pleasure in the smallest and simplest things which can snap you out of that looping cycle of negativity, and that food makes me incredibly happy!! I’ve broken out below a mini recap of each day to show that we’re all human, but we need to work hard at making our lives better if we truly want to be happy.


monday-reflectionI had a very busy day of training at work and didn’t have much time to have a proper lunch break, so I ducked out quickly to get some food. On my way back I walked past this vegetarian Indian restaurant near my work which I’ve never been in, but I’ve seen this guy sitting out front of the restaurant with a table full of books. Previously I didn’t take too much notice. I would fly past because I had meetings to get to, a Facebook feed to catch up on and I just didn’t have TIME to look up and engage with a stranger. This time I walked past and he stopped me and smiled, so I made a decision to stop and smile back and engage in a little conversation. We spoke about life and philosophy for only a few minutes and he gave me one of his free books for a small voluntary donation. I was blown away by this man, who sits in the freezing cold everyday, with his table of books asking for nothing in return other than to greet, smile and engage strangers who pass by. Even though it was only a few minutes, this man made me feel connected and more human. I walked away with a smile, good vibes and a gorgeous little book!


tuesday-reflectionToday was a little tough as I was feeling very tired, a little run down and I was also getting a sore throat. As such I was a little cranky and felt a little dull in my vibes. To be completely honest I wasn’t really in the mood for looking up and prancing around like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit! However, one thing I did notice while walking to my training session at the Google office was all the autumn leaves in the park and how beautiful they were. The colours of the leaves have brought me so much joy over the last few weeks and now they slowly turn brown and deteriorate as winter comes, but it still made me smile a little watching these two kids play in them, completely overjoyed by the simplest things.



spider-webTrue to London weather it had suddenly gotten very cold and rainy! I was still feeling under the weather so I didn’t go to the gym, but had a nice little sleep in and welcomed the brisk morning when I left for work. On my way I saw all these little spider’s webs pop out at me from all the dew and raindrops that was caught in them, they were so beautiful and delicate. Most of the time you’d walk past and not even notice because we’d be rushing to work, or our mind would be somewhere else. So I was very grateful to have a little miracle stop me in my tracks and appreciate what was in front of me.



thursday-reflectionOkay, so SUPER grumpy this morning because I had good intentions of going to the gym, but once my alarm went off I decided that I wasn’t well enough (I probably was but I was feeling too tired and sooky). My boyfriend caught on and more or less kicked me out of bed to get my butt to the gym. I did go, but even once I was there I hated being there SO MUCH and just wanted to get back into bed. I was grumpy, feeling a little off and a bit anxious, I was horribly homesick and all I wanted to do was wake up in our old apartment back in Sydney and go for a cliff run. On the way home from the gym the sky was covered in a light mist of cloud, but the sun was just breaking through and creating the most beautiful sunrise through the nearly bare trees. I did stop for a moment and take it in which did get me out of my head a make me appreciate how beautiful that morning was. Was still pretty homesick for the rest of the day though so unfortunately I had to write the day off as a bit of a downer day.


Feeling much better today because we leave to go to Belgium!!! Weekend trip woohoo!!! I also had a fab day with my colleagues as we had a media lunch at a delicious Japanese restaurant called Shakfuyu near Leicester Square. It was so good to unwind after the week and get to know a few of my colleagues a little better after my first two weeks. Even though I didn’t get any pictures of it to share, I did take a moment to reflect and check in with myself, as I was happy, laughing and bonding with new people over a delicious meal.


One word. BRUGE!! I’ll be doing a separate post on this one in the next couple of days but this ENTIRE day made me so happy to be alive. It was romantic, relaxing, delicious and best of all I got to spend the whole weekend undistracted from my better half. Love!


sunday-reflectionWe spent the day in Brussels and after a late sleep in we went wondering to find somewhere nice for some brunch. We stumbled across this little white barnyard building inside a park that served brunch. Nothing was in English and the waitresses had very limited english but we figured they were serving food around that time. At first they said they were fully booked, but we looked around and the entire place was empty so we were confused, but eventually they found us a ‘free’ table upstairs. It wasn’t until we sat down that it was an all-day buffet brunch with champagne! Apparently the Belgians (and I’m assuming Europeans) do brunch the best way which is long, leisurely and lasts all day! The food was homemade and provincial and it was sensational. That was my happy moment looking out over the hall below us as it filled up with families and friends catching up over champagne and a constant supply of food. Bliss.