Finding true health with a mental bootcamp?

It’s my favourite day SATURDAY and the sun is SHINING!!! I love Saturday morning because you get to sleep in, cook an awesome breakie and do productive things like tidy the house and go to the gym! Which has gotten me thinking lately about my first few months living in London and how far I’ve moved from my fitness lifestyle/obsession/addiction from back home. To be completely honest, since moving here I’ve SUCKED at going to the gym and staying motivated to exercise and eat right. I’ll have maybe two weeks max where I’ll be in a good routine like I was back at home, but it only takes one big social day, some drinking and some naughty food, a late night and maybe a mild (or chronic) hangover, and I’m thrown for several weeks – I just can’t be arsed with food prepping or getting up for the gym in the morning (and it’s getting super cold and dark here which is even more demotivating!)

In fact, since moving here, my life has swung to the complete other extreme. Particularly now that Christmas is only a few weeks away, I’ve been partying and gorging on wine and delicious food at work events and on the weekends. While that has been a great mental experiment and I’ve felt liberated with psychological freedom by not labelling food… I maaaaaaaay be going a little overboard and as a result I haven’t been feeling very healthy.

So, I’ve gone from a health and fitness purist… to a wine and chocolate crazed party girl.

It’s made me wonder, was my lifestyle back home in my little Bondi health bubble just training for body building comps – even that realistic? Chia seeds, Acai, organic fruit & veg and almond milk coffees just aren’t available in every corner of the world – the rest of Sydney doesn’t live like the Eastern suburbs, and people in London DEFINITELY don’t live like Bondi hipsters. Yet London has other strengths that Sydney just doesn’t have – such as an actual nightlife! There’s things to do, places to see, food to try and European countries to explore that Australia just doesn’t have.

It’s no secret that everyone else struggles with balancing life and social events, I guess the only difference is I’ve emerged from my socially isolating health bubble and joined everyone else in the real world – and the struggle is real! Life gets in the way, social functions happen, delicious food is put in front of you and I don’t want to give up any of that. Life is for living and connecting, not retracting and isolating. However I cannot keep swinging between all or nothing because its not good for my mental health, my body or my relationships, and I’m sure so many people can relate to that!

However there is one thing I’ve realised that prevents all of us including myself from achieving our dream body, lifestyle, whatever it is – and that is our state of mind. There’s is nothing physically preventing me from going to the gym in the morning, (even with my boyfriend literally screaming at me and kicking me out of bed I still wont go haha!) No-one has a gun to my head forcing me to eat that chocolate croissant with my coffee and no one is telling me that I’m fat, not good enough, not smart enough, too tired, too busy, too stressed to do anything – except me. I keep waiting for this perfect time, when the motivation kicks in, the stars have aligned and a Monday is looming for a fresh start.

It’s this internal dialog we have with ourselves that shapes our environment and our perception of the world, and we are only as good as we allow ourselves to be. We control the voice inside our head, and unfortunately that voice has a powerful affect on the rest of the body like stress, anxiety, stomach issues etc. Motivation is not created in the body, and neither is anxiety, fear or happiness – emotions are all a result of how we mentally perceive a particular situation and interpret it.

So that means there is hope!!! In theory we should all be able to still achieve our dreams even without all the ‘perfect’ tools we think we need to get started. All we need is our noggins in check. It’s the only thing that holds us back, and I know it’s the only thing holding me back right now! Quotes on positivity or motivation alone will only get us so far. We need a complete mental makeover – a mental bootcamp!

So next week I’m going to work towards gaining clarity on exactly what excuses or thought patterns are preventing me from living my life and getting the results that I want, writing them all down and ultimately work towards over coming them. The next Reflection Sundays challenge! It wont be easy. I’ll probably cry, get frustrated and hate myself for making myself accountable to all of you but it needs to be done. Mental bootcamp starts TODAY – not Monday, not when it’s sunny or warm outside – right now in this moment!