My first vlog – 5 insights I learnt from conquering my fears



Ommmgggg!!! So this is a big moment for me guys – I’ve faced my fears and filmed my first ever vlog episode!!!

A little back story – this project has been sitting on my blog’s to-do list for MONTHS. I was petrified of sitting in front of the camera and I found any excuse to avoid it. Then one day I was doing some daily challenges with a coach and I set one of my tasks as a video. I did film it, but I can honestly say that video will never see the light of day. There was more bloopers than content!

So now I have given it another crack and present to you the first of many videos to come. But the point of this exercise wasn’t to have a beautiful, polished video. I did it to face my own fears, and break through another mental barrier, which has been a theme I’ve been fascinated with for the last month or so.

So what better way to share my 5 findings on facing your fears, while actually facing my fear! Hope you enjoy guys x

8 replies to My first vlog – 5 insights I learnt from conquering my fears

  1. Love you SO much, you beautiful soul.

  2. Ahhh love you babe. Such a little inspiration xx

  3. This is so well said and all so true!! And I might add, you are an awesome speaker!! And you are correct, I think we are all guilty of living a lot of things by that 10%!! Thank you and I look forward to more!!!😘

    • Ohhhh thank you Jackie that means the world! So glad you liked it! It so weird to think we really do live our lives in fear of 10% of people’s opinions, but those few people can absolutely engulf you some days! Sending lots of love xx

  4. Just found out about your blog, Bronwen—Great stuff! I always wanted to write my own blog and never learned how. Maybe it’s not too late? Love you!

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