What happens when you enter a season of introspection

Life is like seasons, and right now I’m emerging from a ‘winter’ in my life, whereby I intentionally took off 3 months away from blogging and social media to hibernate, reflect, nourish and grow.

In April I had hit a breaking point where life had become a 1.5kg quadruple patty mega burger that I just couldn’t get my mouth around, let alone clean the plate. Unfortunately, something had to give and I wasn’t about to sacrifice my sanity all over again. So, All Kinds Of Me when into a temporary hibernation while I figured my stuff out.

So what did I get up to in three months?

I travelled…a lot!

  • For Easter James and I escaped to Bulgaria to go hiking in the mountains for a week.
  • We partied in Lithuania with my favourite group of boys for a long weekend
  • Met old friends from Australia to travelling around Sardinia for 10 days
  • Met more Aussie friends in the Amalfi Coast for another 10 days of sun, swimming, seafood and an endless supply of Aperol!

I signed up for a course to start my own coaching business

I had been toying with the idea of working in mental health, psychology or becoming a life coach for almost a year now, when in the early days a dear friend of mine said, “Bron, how are you supposed to help people if you can’t even keep your shit together” (mind you this was also mid-meltdown about my life and career!)

I was sick of being miserable and lost in my life, and not only that but seeing people in my industry suffer – hearing either through my blog, friends or social media, that so many others have reached out to me to tell me their stories of suffering from anxiety, depression and a feeling of being lost in life.

And so, my personal development journey was spurred on by my desire to change careers, become a more grounded person myself and in turn help other people who have been through the same shit as I have.

Last week was the beginning of 4 months of training, and I am so excited to see where this new journey takes me…

I hired a life coach

Before getting started on my business, if I was going to sort my shit out, and I mean reaalllly sort it out, then I needed help. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely kicked ass at pulling myself together over the last 12 months and I am so grateful to myself for that. However I had plateaued and I still felt a little lost and confused. I knew what I wanted, I just didn’t know how or what to focus my attention on. So, I jumped.

Trying my hardest not to be biased, but for me, 2 months in and coaching has fundamentally changed me in a way that I never expected! I now have a better idea of who I am as a person, my confidence is growing everyday, and I’m getting better at accepting imperfections in both life and in myself, and having someone there to keep me accountable on my progress and to help provide support if I have a shit day. So far it has been worth every dime.

I quit full time media and starting freelancing

This was a massively scary moment for me. Mostly because it marked the start of a complete career and lifestyle change for me. What if people didn’t hire me? What if people judged me for having short stints at companies? What if I was seen as non-committal? What if people judged me for being on a contract? Well, firstly what I discovered was there was plenty of contracts, and what I discovered was that contracting suited my lifestyle in London more than I could have anticipated for. We travel, a LOT. And we won’t be stopping anytime soon. We want to ensure that we come back with the best memories of holidays and happiness and made the most of our time here, and that starts with adapting our life commitments to fit with how we wanted to live.


For the first time in my life I don’t feel like I’m coasting on autopilot, grinding away every week with no direction and no idea where I’m even going. My life has been switched into manual and to be honest I still have no idea what I’m doing… but I do know where I want to be. In control of my own life and creating my own freedom.


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  1. Hi Bronwen— You did what I always wanted to do. Good on ya! Of course I lived in a different world at your age, and those kinds of goings-on were “not on” for young girls. But I did manage to start getting around a little bit when I was in my 70s. There comes a time when “getting around” is no longer as easy, and actually just as problematic as it was when I was your age—but life is like that. I’ve had to travel via books, and study, and a great deal of imagination. I don’t really feel cheated—one does what is possible, and that becomes enough. I think you will be good at the direction you’ve chosen. Please keep in contact with me. I’m also on FB, only because many of my family are, and it seems that not many actually write letters (or emails) any more. It helps keep me up to date. Bless you, I love you. Grandma

  2. Lovely to hear from you Bron! Sounds like the past few months have been quite an adventure. Good on you for having the courage to step out on your own! You go girl 🙂

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