I’m Bron, a 28 year old Aussie who moved from Sydney to London in 2016 with my boyfriend to pursue new adventures, both in travel and career.

As a type-A personality, I struggled with perfectionism and anxiety on and off throughout my life. I was extremely obsessed with having the perfect health and fitness lifestyle. At work I was a jittery, stressed, fast-talking, overachieving career climber who was addicted to triple-shot coffees. My schedule was jammed packed with work events and social activities, and occasionally I’d have a weekend where I’d breakdown and have several panic attacks. But I soldiered on hid it because I was ashamed and didn’t want anyone to know I couldn’t keep my shit together!

Moving countries threw me into the deep end and turned my world upside down. I didn’t know how to cope. I felt lost, unmotivated, I cried a lot. I suddenly didn’t know what I wanted in life, but I just knew deep down that I was really, really unhappy.

As a coping mechanism I created All Kinds Of Me as a creative outlet to clear my head. However in just a few months something transformed in me. I started researching psychology, philosophy and then bought a kindle to read every personal development book I could find. I became happier, more focused and developed a clear and positive mindset, without the pressure and obsession with perfection I had once lived for.

Now, All Kinds Of Me has transformed into a personal development lifestyle blog, that helps my readers uncover the mindset they need to get out of the crippling autopilot thinking and start living their own definition of success.